Gravity Axis Warehouse

Fort Meade, Maryland

Interior Trades Contractor

Interior Trades Contractor for Gravity Axis Warehouse

Cleveland Construction, Inc. is contracted with Hensel Phelps to furnish and install the interior trades package for a new 101,000 square-foot private building called Gravity Axis Warehouse. The facility will consist of a 44,000 square-foot warehouse with administrative space, a vault, hazmat storage, loading docks, mechanical, electrical, secure, and unsecure telecommunications spaces.

Cleveland Construction’s scope of work includes furnishing and installing metal stud framing, drywall, acoustical ceilings, and RF shielding on the Gravity Axis Warehouse. Cleveland Construction's interior trades contract value is $890,000.

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  • Location
    Fort Meade, Maryland
  • Owner
    U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
  • Construction Manager
    Hensel Phelps
  • Completion Date
    Under Construction

Services Provided

  • Commercial Drywall
  • Cold-Formed Metal Framing
  • Acoustical Ceilings
  • RF Shielding

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