How a Company’s Culture Is Key to Retaining Talent

If you work in the construction industry, you’re probably feeling pretty good about now. The industry is experiencing growth and the experts are predicting an increase in building projects for the foreseeable future. Most would agree...“that’s a good thing.”

But, there’s a nagging problem that’s making a lot of construction company owners toss and turn at night. It’s the ongoing challenge of hiring and retaining a skilled workforce. As you might guess, when the hiring doesn’t go well...“that’s a bad thing.”

Enticing experienced professionals to join your company (and stay) requires an attractive culture with a focus on employee satisfaction. The best talent is always going to be attracted to those companies where the employees are happy and appreciated.

What are some keys to providing a great company culture? Some suggestions include:

Autonomy – It’s Important

The very nature of the construction industry makes autonomy in the workplace difficult. Senior management in the field can find it hard to delegate and trust employees to make decisions.

Autonomy in the workplace is important to younger generations. Minimizing micromanagement is essential to help employees build their confidence and feel valued. Giving more autonomy can also help to gain employees’ trust. In addition, managers also must be willing to accept suggestions regarding other ways of completing a task. This allows employees to be more self-sufficient and to find best practices.

Diversity Is Attractive

Most of us would agree that the construction industry needs more women and minorities. With a labor shortage in the industry, it makes sense to foster a culture that offers diversity. A diverse workforce attracts workers to a place where they can see themselves and know that there are people who can relate to them.

Mentorship and Training Should Be Encouraged

Happy employees have ongoing access to continued learning to master their craft. Training invigorates employees, challenges them to be innovative, and new opportunities for personal and professional growth. Younger generations need to be plugged into mentorship programs early on, and they crave consistent feedback about their job performance. Leadership programs make younger generations feel valued and appreciated, while shaping them into future leaders.

Promoting a Sense of Purpose and Family is Critical

A sense of purpose goes a long way towards instilling pride in the job. The repetitive drudgery of the construction business can be avoided by taking the time at the start of each new project to highlight the value the completed project will bring to the community. How will this structure be used? Who will be working/ learning/ getting care in it?

Additionally, a company culture that promotes employee health and wellness programs is perceived as caring and family-friendly. Employees need to feel their workplace is a safe haven where they are encouraged to ask for help when struggling.

Recognizing individual efforts while celebrating accomplishments as a team is part of the culture at Cleveland Construction. We’re quick to recognize individual efforts and then celebrate success as a team. It’s in this chemistry that unbreakable bonds are formed…and we all shine together. Trust. Loyalty. A sense of belonging.

From Day #1, the goal is for employees to feel like family!

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