Shifting Construction Risks from Clients to Contractors
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Our Design-Build Approach

Cleveland Construction utilizes a collaborative design approach that has delivered millions of square feet of construction within budget and on time. Our team begins the design of your project by gathering information from all stakeholders to identify your project goals and priorities.

Next, your design-build team will begin an integrated design of your project. An integrated design considers design issues holistically rather than separately and how each affects the other, especially as regards sustainability and construction means and methods.

Leveraging its assets and mitigating its liabilities within all other design considerations helps realize your established goals. Integrated design provides a path to true sustainability and a successful project.

Our Design-Build services are designed to:

  • Combine the function of an architect, engineer, and construction manager into a single entity
  • Increase accountability from concept to completion
  • Clearly define responsibilities
  • Minimize scheduling issues and changes
  • Minimize budget challenges
  • Control costs more efficiently
  • Deliver a total package from design through construction, with a single source for project delivery

Shifting Risks from the Client to the Contractor

Design-Build is now the delivery method for nearly half of the country’s construction projects. The increased use of design-build results from a growing number of clients who feel this method offers the best way to mitigate the risks. While construction will always be fraught with challenges, they see this method as a structure that will eliminate some of the common problems they face on projects. Download our Design-Build guide and read about the advantages design-build provides to project Owners.

Design-Build Guide

A hand ‘n hand approach to saving time and money.

When your design and construction teams work together to develop your project plans, specs, budgets, and schedules, the entire building process is simplified and accelerated. Cleveland Construction's design-build project delivery solutions Make It True.

Design-Build Organizational Chart

  • Owner
    • CM
      • Architect
      • Trade Contractors


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General Contracting

General Contracting

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Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction Management

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