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Warehouse Conversion into a Hispanic Retail, Office, Entertainment, and Market

Cleveland Construction, Inc. is providing our construction management services to create CentroVilla25 for the renovation and adaptive reuse of a 31,500 SF, 2-story retail, grocery, entertainment, and office space in Cleveland, Ohio.

This two-story warehouse will be converted into a Latino market, gallery area, retail kiosks, lounge area, live music entertainment, and multipurpose area on the first floor. The second floor will be renovated into office spaces and a collaboration area.

An extensive amount of work will be done on CentroVilla25 within the vacant 31,500 square-foot warehouse facility, including adaptively reusing the current warehouse structure and renovating the office spaces on the second floor. CentroVilla will construct 20 kiosk-style retail spaces, a commercial kitchen, a business innovation center, and office spaces for Latinos and neighborhood organizations. The project aims to create a central market that helps the Hispanic community to create generational wealth through business ownership and commerce.

As the construction manager for CentroVilla25, Cleveland Construction, Inc. is ensuring the smooth progress of the building's conversion by coordinating trade contractor pre-installation meetings and overseeing plans, specifications, materials, inspection schedules, and safety requirements.

The construction timeline for the renovation of Centrovilla25 is 12 months.

The renovation of Centrovilla25 in Cleveland, Ohio will be completed in September 2024 with the Grand opening shortly following construction completion in the Fall of 2024.

The CentroVilla25 project is located at 3140 West 25th Street in Cleveland, Ohio.

CentroVilla25 - Project Overview Video


  • Location
    Cleveland, Ohio
  • Owner
    The Northeast Ohio Hispanic Business Center for Economic Development
  • Architect
    RDL Architects
  • Completion Date
    Under Construction


Services Provided

  • Preconstruction
  • Construction Management
  • Retail General Contractor
  • Grocery Contractor
  • Safety Management
  • Quality Control

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