Mecklenburg Middle/High School Complex

Baskerville, Virginia

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Contractor for New Mecklenburg County Virginia Middle/High School Complex

Cleveland Construction, Inc. was the general contractor for the construction of the new Mecklenburg Middle/High School Complex for Mecklenburg County Public Schools at the corner of US-58 and Wooden Bridge Road in Baskerville, Virginia.

The new two-story, 347,000 SF middle/high school facility was constructed on a 173-acre site and includes athletic fields, support facilities, car and bus parking lots, site lighting, and related off-site road work.

At the start of the project, our preconstruction team worked to provide Mecklenburg County (VA) Public School District with value engineering options during the project bid phase, of which 50% were accepted and incorporated into the final design. This value engineering represented a 4.5% reduction in contracted construction costs.

Cleveland Construction facilitated the Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination between our trade partners. Our implementation of BIM ensured early identification and revision of potential design or build conflicts, allowing for coordination and synchronization of all contractor and sub-contractor work.

Our team realized savings in both time and costs on the project and allowed the work to progress without many of the usually encountered in-process pitfalls.

Cleveland Construction also assisted Mecklenburg County Public Schools in realizing considerable savings on this project by identifying owner-direct purchase (ODP) options for many building materials. Our team identified vendors and the orders, while Mecklenburg County Public Schools purchased directly from the vendor, thus saving the sales tax on millions in materials.

Inside Look at the New Mecklenburg Middle/High School Complex

Mecklenburg Middle School / High School Complex Architectural Concept


  • Location
    Baskerville, Virginia
  • Owner
    School Board of Mecklenburg County, Virginia
  • Architect
    Ballou Justice Upton
  • Completion Date
    August 2022


Services Provided

  • K-12 General Contracting
  • Trade Contractor Coordination
  • BIM & Clash Detection
  • Value Engineering
  • Owner Direct Purchase Savings


From day one, Cleveland Construction has been a close partner in this massive undertaking and helped us navigate numerous obstacles with an excellent can-do attitude. They are proactive, well organized, excellent communicators, and work well with our team.

Paul C. Nichols
Division Superintendent

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