Prefabricated Exterior Panels


Cleveland Construction specializes in interior/exterior load bearing, prefabricated wall systems, and panelized wall systems offsite.

Advantages of Cleveland Construction's panelized exteriors include:

  • Decrease in project duration
  • Design flexibility that contributes toward LEED certification
  • Minimizes disruptions on site
  • Improved quality manufactured in a controlled environment
  • Improves safety
  • Reduction of jobsite waste
  • Variety of wall sections and cladding available to respond to construction needs

Cleveland Construction, Inc. has extensive experience and capabilities in managing and installing load-bearing, prefabricated wall systems, and panelized wall systems for exterior construction. Our team of skilled craft professionals excels in delivering innovative prefabricated metal panalization solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your project.

We offer panelization design, prefabrication, and installation of metal panel exterior wall systems, which brings numerous advantages to your project. By implementing panelized wall systems, your project will benefit from a reduced overall duration, resulting in faster completion and increased efficiency. The design flexibility of our panelized systems will meet the specific construction needs of your project and also contributes to achieving LEED certification, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions.

By prefabricating the metal framing components in a controlled environment, our team ensures improved quality and safety on your project. This approach minimizes disruptions onsite and enhances overall construction efficiency. Our panelized wall system also contributes to the reduction of jobsite waste, aligning with our dedication to sustainable construction practices. With a wide variety of exterior wall options available, we possess the capability to effectively address diverse construction requirements and provide optimal solutions for your project.

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