Masonic Cleveland Auditorium

Cleveland, Ohio

Project Overview

Masonic Cleveland Auditorium

Cleveland Construction was contracted as the design-builder to restore and enhance the notable characteristics of the Masonic Cleveland Auditorium while providing a revival to this historic entertainment venue.

Originally built in 1918, the Masonic Cleveland Auditorium underwent various improvements
to the building’s main theater, box office, stage, restrooms, corridors, lower lobby entrance,
exterior façade, and Grand Foyer.

The renovations within the main theater included repainting and carefully restoring plaster on the ceiling, installing new carpet, wood refinishing, and reupholstering 1,682 seats. Additional renovations included MEP improvements and LED lighting throughout the building, door hardware replacement, painting, tile repairs, and low-voltage upgrades for venue equipment.

Additionally, several Life Safety improvements were made throughout the building, including egress doors, fire escape repairs, standpipe recertification, and lighting upgrades.

Exterior façade improvements included new storefront doors and egress lighting. Substantially cracked and missing bricks on the exterior were replaced to create a weathertight building. Mortar tuckpointing was used to match the weathered brick hue and maintain the historic aesthetics of the building.

Cleveland Construction ensured that the enhancements improved the visitor experience without compromising the beauty of this historic entertainment venue.

Cleveland Masonic Temple Renovation Scaffolding System


  • Location
    Cleveland, Ohio
  • Owner
    Temple Live Cleveland, LLC
  • Architect
    Bialosky + Partners Architects, LLC
  • Completion Date
    October 2018


Services Provided

  • Design-Build Services

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